Hi!  I’m Mercy, a content provider, an entrepreneur, out of box thinker.  I love to be in a Christian community where love is shared abroad; love meeting people and making new friends. I enjoy sharing, encouraging, supporting and praying with others in time of need.

What are your hobbies?

I love writing and talking; which is one of the reason why this blog is here, I also love movies and comedies ( lots of laughing)  which is why I’m a movie producer at Tent of refuge production; I love excises,  I love reading and dancing too.

What do you want to achieve in putting this blog out here?

I put this blog to encourage a community where we can share the knowledge of our faith in Christ Jesus, our experiences, our victories and our failures as Christians so we can learn through each other. We also use this platform to pray for people who are going through some trial times; while those who have abundant will have opportunity to share with those who are lacking around the globe which is also an opportunity to practice their Christianity. While we also focus on bringing young ministers to showcase their passion for God.

Are you a pastor?

No, I’m not a pastor; I’m just a Christian who believes that in any way one is dedicated to do something good in the name of God, that person is a minister. So I use this opportunity to call on every Christian to join and minister in their area in any little way they can for their service can never be in vain. uot;type&quo