I loveJesus is a Christian interactive community dedicated to Christian and those who want to join the sheepfold of Jesus Christ.

It is an opportunity for Christian to interact; to Honor our God; to worship Him in all the ways we could. l love Jesus is where the love of God is being shared. we reach out for each other. We exchange our gift, our talents, our knowledge and all that we can share. This community is birth out of a passion to share and support, to preach and Teach the word of God to its audience.

we do focus on Kingdom talk. So that everyone will learn how to make the best out of their time for the the kingdom growth, and How to manage their time, talents and treasures for the expansion of the kingdom. by setting their hearts to things above always.

news will also be publish here, events and entertainments from the gospel, and interviews from anointed men of God and gospel celebrities all over the globe

the gospel need to be widely spread through the internet, so that it to get to everybody that have access to the internet

Online materials will be widely use to reach out to God’s people, so that this platform is suitable for everyone From children, teens, youths, singles, married and adult