Your mind controls you.

The mind is a powerful thing. My mind can be my biggest ally, accelerating my desired results, or my worst enemy, hindering my outcome.

My mind is selective in its choices. When I am feeling confident and prepared, my mind advises me to push through, regardless of difficulties, because I have the tools to succeed. However,when my thoughts are driven by fear, my mind convinces me to avoid the risk.

I am certain that my mindset controls my destiny. I can choose to settle for whatever I can get in a timid mindset, or thrive and reach my fullest potential by keeping positive thoughts.

The choice is easy. I choose to reach my fullest potential!

Success is a matter of mindset. Mind over matter is the name of the game!By turning my confidence into high gear, I place my mindset in a positive zone. This allows me to strategically plow through my challenges.

I choose success because it is less costly .

I let go of negative thoughts and consciously maintain a positive mindset.Not only does this give me a confidence boost, but it also allows me to shine in situations where others typically allow their insecurities to inhibit their results.

My positive thoughts motivate me in all situations.Because I am in a nonstop “I can do it!” mindset, I gracefully overcome hurdles that are set in my path.

Today, I remain focused on my goals by maintaining a positive mindset. I believe in myself and I am free from the heavy chains of insecurity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I surround myself with positive people?
  2. Are most of my thoughts positive or do they revolve around fear and worry?
  3. Which far-fetched goals can I confidently chase with the help of my positive mindset?

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