Sharing good things with others is the will of God.

  • When you show kindness; you are working in the will of God
  • When you do good things to others good things will come to you
  • Helping others brings a sense of fulfilment
  • Showing kindness is a prove that you have the nature of our Lord Jesus.

Sharing good things with others is the will of God for every Christian. You are here on earth because of someone’s (God) kindness. He created you and I and gave His breath for us to be alive from the beginning and since then He’s been giving us life every second that passes by.  Even when we (human beings) rejected life and choose death, He (God) still desiring that we live, He gave up His only son (Jesus Christ) in exchange for our lives so that we may live.  What  manner of love.

                Now when our Lord Jesus was on earth all He did was giving, showing kindness. He gave eyes to the blind; Mathews 9:29, Luke 18:42-43,  He gave ears to the deaf, He gave mouth to the dumb Mathews 9:33, he gave water to the thirsty, John 4:1, He gave health to the sick; Luke 14:4, Luke 6:56,` He gave legs to the paralyzed  Mathews 9:6,  He gave food to the Hungry; Mathews 14:13, He gave life to the death Mathews 9:25, He set the captives free and He finally gave His own life for us all.  John 19:30. Jesus throughout His life on earth was practically guiding us to do share and do good.


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