You are what you say you are

Speak positively to yourself

Positive thinks to say everyday for a victorious life.

I am a blessing to my generation

I am a blessing to my family and my church

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

My children will prosper

The Lord is my shepherd

The name of the Lord is my strong tower

I overcome by the blood of Jesus

I live a dominion live in the Lord

I shall not die but live

Doors of opportunities are open before me

I am a winner

I am healed

I am loved

I am forgiven

I am not a victim

I am bless above my equals

My breakthrough has come

I am the apple of God’s eye

I am written in the palms of the Lord

I am not forsaking

I bear the mark of Jesus

My generation shall call me blessed

I am a royal priesthood

I am enlarge all round

My enemies are put to shame

My light has come

I have seen the salvation of the Lord

I have faith in the Lord

Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil

My cup runs over

The anointing is open me

I am walking by the mercies of God

I am bless and cannot be curse

I receive supernatural power to function

I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me

I am not abandon

The Lord is my banner I cannot be put down

I have greatness in me

I am a join hair with the Lord

I am a peculiar child of the Lord

My righteousness is of the Lord

My family is in unity and we are for signs and wonders


Hi! I’m Mercy, a content provider, an entrepreneur, out of box thinker. I love to be in a Christian community where love is shared abroad; love meeting people and making new friends. I enjoy sharing, encouraging, supporting and praying with others in time of need. for more about....

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