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Sometimes it escapes from our minds that our being alive is not of our works. Yes, because of the worries of the world, the challenges and baggage we give ourselves to carry, it is easy to forget that we are actually alive after all. But then it’s an error for not appreciating the experience of living. Your life is a testimony already, so your heart should be filled with gratitude unto God. For you to be alive right now  reading this post is that you’ve been given another chance to change your world, another chance to make amend, another chance to forgive, another chance to realize your dreams…. Each moment you live is a second chance, a treasure. No matter what you are going through right now, there is hope for you and there’s every reason to be grateful. If you learn to see life really as it is, you will be thankful. Life is a gift and a blessing.

What to be grateful for!

Now, there are so many things to be grateful for in this. Sometimes those things are not very visible but you need to find them.  Look around and search for anything you can find to be thankful of. Thanks giving itself is a miracle. If you search you will see plenty of them. No wonder a song writer wrote; “count your blessing one by one and you will see what God has done” that is to say God is doing so many things in your life but you seems not to see them, but if you consider them you will see. Some people don’t know how to be grateful even when others do well to them. This kind of people are never appreciative, nothing motivates them to be grateful. Consequently this group of people hardly receives good things too. Because there’s no difference, whether someone does well to them or not, nothing change their mode or feelings.  If you want to live a dominion life you must learn to be thankful when other people affect your life positively.  Appreciate others for doing even the tiniest thing for you and big things will come your way.

 As Paul wrote and said, “in all things give thanks to God for that is the will of God”. Even to people, when you show gratitude to them for small things you are motivating more good things to come to you. Even to God, when you turn to be grateful for the small victories He’s bring to your life, he will do more. Be grateful to your parents for their support and sacrifices in your life; be thankful that God has given you such a support team, even when you think they’re doing very little or none; just the fact that they are alive, it’s already worth celebrating. If you don’t understand this, go and find out what some people are passing through because of the lost of one parent or both. I’ve seen hundreds of people treated so poorly for nothing but because they’re orphans, from that observation I have learn how to appreciate my mom and I thank God all the time for keeping her alive for me.  Be thankful for being a  parents, that child/children are blessings, no matter what you’re going through for their upbringing, be thankful you have them. If you don’t know try barrenness, check and see what it is like to not be able to have a child? Be grateful for that husband/wife. Be thankful for that job even if you think it’s not enough to keep you going. So many things to be thankful for. Stop wasting time thinking about things that you don’t have and use that energy to be happy for what you already have because the joy will attract more good things to come to you. A dominion living Is full of peace and joy; but will you decide to distract that peace and joy to be living in misery because of what you don’t have? Peace does not come from having everything you want but from being happy and thankful for what you have and who you are today hoping for a better tomorrow because what you don’t have may never come by and if that’s the case, than, you will have to live your whole life in misery too. To live in dominion means that though you have need, you desire to have more, you are trusting God for big things  but you are  glad for where you are right now, you have peace for things you have achieved till now, you have hope for good things tomorrow.

Be grateful for who you are today!

Be gentle with yourself and the progress in your life. Some people are worried that the progresses they’re making in their lives are very slow, or there is no progress at all. They’ve seen their mate doing so well, they have build houses, buy land, buy cars and invest in businesses and so on, and you are feeling intimidated and frustrated. Life is in stages and it’s  a personal race. Everyone is at different stage in their life, everyone is not expected to be at the same level all the time, like buy house the same day, buy car the same day; no!  Just because you’ve been friends does not mean your lives has to take the same rout, it is not a competition.  Come to think of it; you may have been doing something great yourself without even knowing; maybe you’ve been raising children/child single handedly for some years or so, which is far more valuable, you’ve been the only support team your children/child got, in times of sickness, morally and financially. We all know how this project can demand, and your mate, your friend or who so ever you are competing yourself with has bought a car, land or house; good and find, they are doing great but   you don’t have to feel bad about yourself instead be thankful that you got opportunity to raise beautiful souls; it is an achievement. Stop beating up yourself for the lies that the world is telling you; after all, you are in the world and not of the world. It  Is an error to think that your riches as a Christian is base on material things; you are beating yourself because someone has achieved so little compare to what you have.

So many people have lust at looking at others achievements forgetting the distance they’ve covered so far themselves.

You haven’t seen how far you’ve gone because you are too busy looking at the distance someone else has covered. Check it and you will see that the Lord’s been good to you. It is time to be grateful!  You’ve done far more; you’ve touch valuable lives, you’ve had opportunity to make souls smile, it is a great achievement. But then don’t compare your situations with anybody’s. Just Count your blessing one by one; it takes only you to see what you’ve achieved. Because the standard of the world is for people who have more money, more power, more connections and more fame. If you can’t count your blessing, the world will help count your misery. Some will walk to you and tell you how sluggish you are, how incompetent and   lazy you are. So, it is only you who can see what you’ve been through and be thankful; nobody will.


Fist Thessalonians 5:18, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Psalm 30:4, sing praise to the Lord, you saint of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name.

Psalm 35:18, I will give you thanks in the great assembly, I will praise you among many people.

Psalm 75:1, we give thanks to you, oh God, we give you thanks, for your wondrous works  declares that your name is near

Colossians 1:12, giving thanks to the father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.

2 Thessalonians 2:13, for we are bond to give thanks to the Lord.

Hebrew  13:15, therefore by Him (Jesus) let us continually offer the sacrifices of praise to God, that is, th fruit of our lips; giving thanks to His name.

Revelation 11:17, we give you thanks, O Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was and who is to come, because you have taken your great power and reigned.


O Lord God; I thank you for my life, for my children, my job, my finances and all that you’ve given to me. I pray you to forgive me for not been thanking you enough for your blessings to me because I know that this challenge I’m going through right now is coming to an end in the name of Jesus Christ; Amen.

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